Seattle 2090. The city is finally settling down. And if you believe that, I have some land on Mount Rainier to sell you. Political boundaries and geographies may have changed somewhat but the city is a bubbling mass just waiting for another eruption. The influx of immigrants to the “new land of the free”, looking to start a new life has put some pressure on the long strained locals looking to survive. Human trafficking, drug production, unlicensed cloning, hackers looking to make a name for themselves. Where the Emerald City used to have a canopy of trees, it now shades itself with the veneer of high society, software startup companies and booming import businesses. But if you try hard enough and keep your wits about you, it’s not as hard to find a life here as it might be elsewhere. Probably.

Fresh off the boat used to be a bit more literal but the meaning’s the same. First thing they fixed when everything quieted down was the trains. Needed those supply lines. And with them came the people.

Run the Streets